Who is Your Favorite Renton Hill Cadbury Easter Bunny?

If you think you have what it takes – have your human enter Renton Hill’s Cadbury Easter Bunny contest by posting a photo of you in bunny garb to this Facebook page. Then vote for your favorite photo by 5 pm on Saturday April 11th.  The winner will receive a $20 gift certificate for Sierra Fish and Pets, second place will receive a $10 gift certificate for Junk Yard Bones, third place will receive a $5 gift certificate also at Junk Yard Bones.

Nicholas and I are getting ready for our glamour shot!  See you from the winner’s podium!  

I-405 Widening/Overpass Info

For those of you who missed the meeting at City Hall on April 2nd, here is a PDF of the presentation provided by WSDOT: http://www.historicrentonhill.com/renton-hill_finalprintversion/

It describes the new option of potentially removing the Renton Ave S. bridge over 405 and replacing it with an access road that goes under the freeway.

Please send all comments and inquiries to I405SR167Program@wsdot.wa.gov, preferably by April 9, 2019.

Winter 2019 RHNA Update

It’s been quite a winter, hasn’t it?

It’s been quite some time since our last post. Honestly, except for the utility line replacement that has turned The Hill into a construction zone and the massive amounts of snow we received in February, there hasn’t been much to report. However, the RHNA Board finally met last November and started to get the ball rolling again. Here are some things that were on the agenda.

The Annual Easter Egg Hunt will be held Saturday, April 20th at Philip Arnold Park. Recently, long time Renton Hill Resident and RHNA Vice President, Jim Berreth, moved away so he could have a better commute for work. His tireless commitment and service to this neighborhood cannot be measured and he and his family will be missed. Jim was also responsible for the Annual Easter Egg Hunt. In his place, Armondo Pavone has volunteered to run it this year. However, WE NEED VOLUNTEERS to help out for egg stuffing and setup. If anyone is interested in volunteering, please email us at historicrentonhill@gmail.com. If you would like to serve as chairperson for the Egg hunt, your service would be greatly appreciated.

The Neighborhood Watch Meeting is going to happen on either April 23rd or 24th. Except for the occasional car prowl (Don’t leave anything in your car overnight!) the watch program has been working. Mel Kroeger has been a stalwart with the Neighborhood Watch program and will once again be hosting the meeting along with the RPD. It a great way to learn to be crime resistant and to meet your fellow neighbors. We encourage all Renton Hill residents to attend.

Last but not least, WE NEED VOLUNTEERS!!! With the departure of Jim, we have a vacancy on the Board. And I have decided to step down from the president’s position (Due to heavy work commitments.) and to serve on the board until the new president is up to speed. The most frustrating part has been the lack of elections in recent times. Our old way was to have the vote during the Annual Neighborhood Picnic. But with the changes at the city level, that hasn’t been an option. We’re thinking of holding one at the Neighborhood Watch Meeting to try to get things back to a normal rhythm. Nonetheless, if you have a desire to serve your community and your neighborhood, this is a great way to do it. The best part is that you no longer have to be a homeowner to be on the board. All residents are eligible now.

There’s more to come. Getting the picnic back up and running, working on a neighborhood website, etc… But we can’t do it unless we have the people to pitch in and make it happen. We need your service more than ever! If you have the desire and/or the skills, you are very welcome here!

That’s it for now. And like I said, more to come. Be well and take care of each other.

All the Best,
Bob Benedetti
RHNA President

RHNA Newsletter Online


Hello, Renton Hill Residents! Well, another year and another newsletter. This time, we’re distributing it via our website. You can view it here as a PDF:  RHNA Newsletter 2017.  Keeping all the good content, while saving resources. It put us into a better position for adding quality to the neighborhood newsletter and quicker to react to change.

As you know, a lot of changes are happening in and about town and we pretty much have a front row seat to watch it happen. From the new condos being built, to the Downtown Planning Commission spearheading the direction of progress, it’s an exciting time to live here.
We have more changes to come, so stay tuned!
All the Best,
Bob Benedetti
RHNA President